4 New Trailers of the week

View Winner, Arjun Reddy, Yaman and Venkatapuram which had their trailer/teaser released this week.

Arjun Reddy :

This teaser probably has the most interesting premise compared to the rest released this week. Vijay Devarakonda has two different looks. The theme seems to be anger management, and as stated in our earlier article ‘The Exceptional Rabbits’ , some unique concepts would be instrumental for a small movie to succeed.


Winner :

The trailer followed the commercial template that Sai Dharam Tej has been following. It has a foreign backdrop, and Thakur who played the main villian in Singam-3 is debuting in direct telugu film. The film has a Ravi Teja – semi hit kind of feel to it.


Yaman :

Yaman has Bichagaadu fame ‘Vijay Anthony’ playing the lead role. His movies in general are good in content. Thyagarajan, the father of Prashanth is making a comeback as villian in this film.

Venkatapuram :

Happy days fame ‘Tyson’ is having a re-launch with ‘Venkatapuram’. We wont know if there is any improvement in his acting skills because the trailer does not contain a single dialogue from him. The film is a thriller, and its uncertain from the trailer whether it would be gripping or not.

Which one do you like guys. Convey your opinions in the comments section below.

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