Hyderabad Student behind Yuva Role

Some do well in studies, some excel in sports, some are born to lead, some have social consciousness….but rarely do we find a single individual who has all the above attributes.



I like most of the roles done by Suriya, but Michael Vasanth in Yuva(Ayutha Ezhuthu) is special. He is the epitome of heroism. Suriya had stated that his character was based on a real life Student leader from Andhra Pradesh.


That Student leader was a

MSc. Physics Gold Medallist

Boxing Champion

Debater par excellence


He was Debarred from college(1 whole year) for engaging in fights

Rejected an opportunity to do PHD from PRL (ISRO originated from here)

Carried a knuckle duster and a 6 inch knife

Got 84 marks in one of the toughest physics papers set in Osmania University (Next highest was 41)

Looked like he was living in our times during 1960’s


Michael Vasanth survived an attempt on his life in Yuva.

George Reddy was hacked to death at the age of 25😦.


google/read about him here


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