A Sensational Trailer

‘TRAPPED’ has a trailer that is very promising and it looks like the opposite of ‘Cast Away’. It doesn’t have much dialogue, but sets the film up nicely for decent openings.

Backed up by Phantom movies of Anurag Kashyap, its releasing on March 17th. Some Phantom movies that we can suggest to Super Telugu viewers are

Ugly – Its a very dark movie with all negative characters. A very well made film but clearly for viewers who dont mind movie not having comedy scenes.

Queen – Top watch for Independent minded Women. Remake on the cards in Telugu and Tamil with Tamanna in the lead.

NH10 – A dark Thriller, copied from English film ‘Eden Lake’. And ‘Eden Lake’ is a better movie.

Hunterr – Must watch for Bachelors who want to have some fun. Brilliant acting by Gulshan Devaih. Its being remade into Telugu with Srinivas Avasarala who will be a misfit.

Masaan – Another dark and thought provoking movie. Won lot of awards and accolades. Starring the extremely talented Richa Chadda.

These suggestions are for Telugu viewers who ran out of all Telugu films from all avenues and want to explore further.

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