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Janardhan(Tanikela Bharani) is a rich businessman who doesn’t approve the romantic liaisons/choices of his children. His son Vijay(Srinivas Avasarala) wants to get married to his arch rival’s daughter Maya (Aditi Myakal). His daughter Deepika (Eesha Rebba) falls for sales manager Ananth(Adivi Sesh). What Janardhan does to pre-empt this situation, How his trump card Sri Chilipi(Vennela Kishore) becomes the focal point forms the rest of the Screwball comedy plot.

How is this movie different?

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Brief Credits

Starcast – Adivi Sesh, Eesha Rebba, Vennela Kishore ,Tanikela Bharani, Srinivas Avasarala, Aditi Myakal, Shyamala, Ananth Babu

Music – Mani Sharma

Editor – Marthand K Venkatesh

Writing & Direction – Mohan Krishna Indraganti

Producer – K C Narasimha Rao



How did the Actors Perform?

This is Adivi Shesh’s first attempt at comedy. He was apt for the role and his chemistry with Eesha deserves special mention. Avasarala has a briefer role, but he impresses in the old movie songs.

Eesha Rebba is a revelation and has potential to make it to the top league in Telugu cinema. We sometimes undermine the importance of Telugu origin actresses as heroines. To know what we are missing just imagine movies with North guys as heroes with Telugu dubbing. Aditi on the other hand has a limited role.

Vennela Kishore is the heart and soul of the film. This counts as one of his best films till date. The same applies for Tanikela Bharani as well. There was a requirement for a complicated role and Shyamala fits the bill.

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Movie Analysis

The film was shot in 34 days. This shows the solid pre-production work and compact script work. There are n number of smart dialogues in this film. It also gives out a contemporary feel with references to Demonetization, Surgical strikes, State division, Gun violence in America etc. Thought provoking stuff is also not left out with the underlying theme of how money is the most important factor for some arranged marriages.

The casting is apt. Example – Vennela Kishore was able to mouth the sophisticated English dialogues with panache and at the same time commands good following amongst people who love mass movies. Though it might have been shot on a shoe-string budget the choice of Manikonda House and Sheraton Hotel gives a posh look to the film. Music by Mani Sharma syncs in well with the overall theme of the movie. The length of the movie is also short ~2 hrs and hence has no lag.


Release Date – 9th Jun, 2017

Super Telugu Take –

Ami Tumi is not your regular commercial film. It’s a comedy film which doesn’t have the buffoonery identified with mainstream Cinema. It’s a Screwball comedy which banks on fast paced repartee and mistaken identities. The level at which people will be able to comprehend the quick witted dialogues would be directly proportional to the level at which they will like the movie.

Super Telugu Rating – 3.5/5

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