Big B initiative is good; DEFINITELY NOT GREAT

Big B Amitabh Bachchan has recently posted that ‘ When I die, the assets that i shall leave behind, shall be shared equally between my daughter and my Son! #Genderequality #Weareequal. This message got him lot of acclaim for promoting equality in a society plagued by female oppression.

While it is a really inspiring initiative by Big B, it could have been truly magnanimous if he had set aside a bit for Charity as well. Super rich people of United States like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and even the young Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have set up huge amounts aside for Philanthropy. This kind of mindset sadly doesn’t exist in the psyche of majority of Indian big shots. Even Industrialists who make the governments run on their fingers stick to doing just Corporate Social Responsibility acts but never assign a chunk of their assets to the poor.

There is a saying in Janata Garage “Mee pillalu manchollu anukondi sir, meeru iche dabbu meeda vaallu pedda interest chuupincharu, adhe cheddavaallu anukondi, meeru iche dabbulu ekkuva kaalam migalcharu”. If Big B’s initiative has to be rated, we can say it ‘meets expectations’ rather than being ‘above expectations’. Whereas Gates, Buffett and Zuckerberg who have pledged close to 99% of their fortune to Philanthropic activities are the real heroes who needs to be lauded.


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