Another yesteryear heroine comeback


Some of our successful filmmakers purely stick to commercial formula. Still they have to give the audience something different. They bring this uniqueness by trying out different artistes instead. That’s the reason why we have a huge influx of Hindi villians, the roles would be same, trying out new people will bring freshness. Similar is the case with character artistes. Thankfully by this we will get to see yesteryear stars making a comeback.

This time its the turn of Vani Viswanath with Boyapati Seenu-Srinivas Bellamkonda movie. The film stars Rakul Preet and Pragya Jaiswal as heroine. Vani got married to a Malayali co-star in 2002 and has been away from movies. Last month there was a murder attempt on her husband, who is luckily out of danger. We are not sure if it had any impact on this movie dates.

Wishing Vani all the best and enjoy this clip from ‘Joker’ movie.


                                                                              Remember the name…

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