Appatlo Okadundevaadu Review

What’s the Storyline? (without revealing important aspects)

Cricket is the first love for a normal guy fondly called as Railway Raju (Sree Vishnu). He is proficient at it and aspires to make to the Ranji Trophy and Team India. Meanwhile Imtiaz Ali (Nara Rohith) is a sincere and stubborn Police Officer who believes that rules can be broken to ensure that Justice is done. Their paths cross, disrupts their ambitions and then it is a no-holds-barred game. The line between good and bad thins down and makes for a very engaging biographical story.

How is this movie different?

It has cricket as a solid backdrop and a lead actor who once represented his state under-19 team.

Brief Credits

Starcast – Sree Vishnu, Nara Rohith, Tanya Hope, Brahmaji, Sasha Singh,Rajeev Kanakala, Satyadev, GV Sudhakar, Ravi Verma, Prabhas Seenu

Release date – 30 Dec, 2016

Music – Sai Karthik

Cinematography – Naveen Yadav

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction – Saagar K Chandra

Producers – Prashanti & Krishna Vijay



How did the Actors Perform?

Sree Vishnu is tailor made for the role of Cricketer turned Criminal. His childlike innocence, confidence and mass body language helped him portray the different facets of the role with ease. The fact that he is a Cricket player in real life helped and elevated certain scenes in the film.

Nara Rohith did a role which fits into his acting range. Debutant Tanya Hope had a limited role as heroine. Amongst supporting artistes, Bramhaji got a very meaty role and was apt. Its a coincidence that his other landmark film ‘Sindhuram’ deals with a similar theme. Sasha Singh, Prabhas Seenu, Rajeev Kanakala, Satyadev, GV Sudhakar played other notable roles. Rajya Lakshmi gaaru of Sankarabaranam fame had put on weight and became almost non-recognizable.

How did the Technicians fare?

Saagar K Chandra had complete grip over his subject line. This film took 3 years in the making. Sometimes if a person sits around with a script for multiple years, they tend to ensure that there are no loose ends. For a film of this scale, the screenplay was tight too. Background music is good though not excellent. The film provides multiple scenes where high emotions are involved. Editing and production values are upto the mark. Fights are realistic and subject doesnt have scope for choreography.

Super Telugu Take –

It’s been more than 7 year since Banam released and close to 3 years since Pratinidhi has released.  Apart from some supporting roles, Sree Vishnu stayed strictly in Nara Rohit camp and finally the friendship payed off. He could not have asked for a better launch in a protagonist role. The movie is high on emotions and would appeal to people who like sensible cinema. On hind sight, better promotions and release date would have helped the movie.

Super Telugu Rating – 3.6/5

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