• Bread in Cabbage

    There can be lot of delicious dishes made out of Cabbage. But some people do not like the smell associated with it. While cooking, add 2-3 small crumbs of Bread. They can be removed after

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  • Frizzy and Wavy Hair

    Despite having a good hairstyle, frizzy and wavy hair ends give us a bad hair day. The usage of conditioner is always a bit low in Telugu land especially amongst guys. Even some of our actors

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  • How to make curd quickly

    Perugu thodu ku pettadam marichipotam sarva sahajam. Below are a couple of tips for making curd quickly Put a small piece of red chilli in the milk Use hot box for quickening up the

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  • Garlic for sore throat

      Cold and cough is the most common ailment that people face. It causes inconvenience in work life environment.  One way to get over is by the use of raw garlic(Vellulli). Its a

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