Dynamic Pricing For Film Tickets – The way to go?

There has been a hue and cry over the high ticket prices for Bahubali-The Conclusion. The milestone movie was priced as high as $42 for some of the preview shows. Riled by this, some of the film lovers even considered it as a form of extortion.


“We are not misers, but we don’t want to be fleeced either” seems to be logic followed by some of the Telugus who didn’t watch the film on the initial days owing to the pricing. Here’s the Super Telugu take on it.



Road paina kuuragayalathanu, Super Market lo Kiraanaathanu different prices pettinappudu, Why shouldn’t there be a differential pricing for movies? Movie lo dhammu undi ani confident ga unna vaariki price hike chese right undi.

They should take a sound business decision by balancing out

  • How much money they are going to lose with price sensitive customer not watching the film
  • How much additional revenue they can generate by diehard fans paying more


Based on the genre/story potential the Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors should have an option to tweak and come up with a pricing for their product (movie).



A film like ‘Kshanam’ which attracts A center audience should have higher price because they can earn more despite few people watching. Since the niche audience might love the film immensely they wont be having qualms in paying the extra dollars.



Similarly, an out and out mass film which caters to the mass audience should be priced less so that more people can watch the film. Taking an example of ‘Bichagaadu’ here which also has a repeat value. This differential pricing idea is in no means trying to demean any audience category. Its just a horses for courses approach to aid niche films in experimenting more and also in extending the reach of mass films.


Coming back to the Bahubali pricing – Rajamouli has created a product which can compare with products out of its category. Say Films vs Sporting events. Equating the dollars to Rupees, the ticket is priced similar to an IPL ticket. Still, there would be lot of cricket lovers who would choose Bahubali over a Sunrisers IPL match at Uppal Stadium. This way Rajamouli has helped Telugu and Indian movie industry breach the barriers.



So the makers have every right to increase the ticket price.

They gauged the demand and hype right, took a risk and it paid rich dividends.

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