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The story begins with the 1971 India-Pakistan war for the liberation of Bangladesh. Pakistan Army plans to destabilize by attacking Vizag port with their fast attack submarine PNS Ghazi. To preempt this India sends out Submarine S-21  led by hot-headed Captain Ranvir Singh(Kay Menon) and Lieutenant Arjun Varma(Rana Daggubati). What follows is a full-on gripping story which whips up patriotic emotions to the core.

How is this movie different?

  • First Indian Submarine based film.
  • Patriotic fervour generating movies are few and far between these days.

Brief Credits

Starcast – Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Tapsee Pannu, Rahul Singh, Om Puri, Nassar, Bharath Reddy, Satyadev, Ravi Verma,

Screenplay: Gunnam Gangaraju, Niranjan Reddy
Dialogues: Gunnam Gangaraju
Cinematography: Madhie 
Music: K
Editing: Sreekar Prasad 
Producer: Niranjan Reddy, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Pearl V Potlri, Param Potluri, Kavin Anne
Story, screenplay and Direction: Sankalp



How did the Actors Perform?

Rana doesn’t fit into mainstream pot-boilers and he probably would be the first person to accept it. Thereby to sustain himself as an actor he is picking up scripts which suits him and also have commercial value. In Ghazi, he acts with all the earnestness that is required for his role as an upright officer who follows the organizational path.

Kay Kay Menon did an amazing role as a hot headed yet sincere leader. He was ably supported by Atul Kulkarni. Rahul Singh as Pakistan commander was apt without being menacing. Bharath Reddy, Satyadev and Ravi Varma – all punched above their weight.

Tapsee does a kind of guest role in the film. People who have read ‘Lajja’ by Tasleema Nasreen or know about the struggles of Hindus in Bangladesh would feel that her role could have been expanded. Megastar Chiranjeevi does the Voice-over introducing the audience to the premise. Suriya and Amitabh had done the same for Tamil and Hindi audiences respectively.

How did the Technicians fare?

Debutant Sankalp handled the script and direction with lot of passion. PVP should be lauded for having conviction to back this project. Cinematography by Madhie is excellent. The tinge of aqua feel almost gives us a feel that we are inside the submarine along with the other characters.

Background music by K doesn’t take away the focus from the content or create artificial hype – It just ensures that we are engaged to the content and visuals. This is unlike lot of recent films which fall back upon Background music to elevate the otherwise ordinary scenes. Dialogues by Gunnam Gangaraju are simple yet intelligent. The screenplay is engaging. The only flaw the film has is a comparatively weak ending after very promising pre-climax scenes. That takes quite a sheen off the movie.


Release Date – 17th Feb, 2017

Super Telugu Take –

When was the last time we stood up to shout ‘Jai Hind’ in between a movie? Ghazi might just make you do that. Lovers of Sensible cinema, history nerds, folks who love gripping films must make sure they watch this film.

But just like PVP’s earlier ventures Oopiri, Kshanam it will not cater to all the audiences.

Super Telugu Rating – 3.75/5

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