Hunter had to be someone else!


Hunter is a cult film in Hindi and it always comes up on the top when searching for romantic comedies. The movie is about the escapades of a mischievous Casanova played by Gulshan Devaiah. The film is truly at Hollywood level in terms of the way the scenes are stitched together without any awkwardness.



When the film was made into Telugu as ‘Babu Baaga Busy’, Srinivas Avasarala was chosen as the mail lead. While Avasarala is a genuinely good artiste and director, his suitability to this role was always a question mark. He could fit into the role of a Casanova in a old Telugu novel-village backdrop kind of scenario but not in current gen set up. Also, in some of his earlier films like ‘Oohalu gusa gusalaade’, ‘Gentleman’ etc he played the role of a loser who doesnt know how to get along well with girls. That image is fresh in the mind of audience.



The film needed someone with a tinge of mischievousness in his eyes as the lead actor. The lead actor should also be able to play the role transitioning from a young college goer to a middle aged professional. It would also be a risky project for someone who already has a strong family audience flocking to every film of his. That leaves us with Navdeep who would have been a good fit for this role. Srinivas Avasarala in Hunter remake is like Tulasi mokka in Ganjaayivanam.


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