Jr. NTR is the Big Boss!

Telugu TV is a poor cousin of Telugu Cinema. While we are competing with the best in terms of films, there is a complete dearth of creativity and sophistication in Telugu Television content.

Maybe its safe to say that Telugu Television Channels = Kannada Film Industry. In both cases, after reaching a certain level of maturity, its own people would move out to watch other language content.

But time and again, there come programs which have the potential to arrest the attention of the dwindling Telugu Tv audience. ‘Big Boss’ is one such show. Having made its debut on Dutch TV, it has become a raging hit across every Country and language it was launched. In India, Endemol has been running the series successfully since the last 10 years(Hindi). After being hosted by Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan in the initial seasons, Salman Khan took over with his Charisma. There have been accusations about bias and favouring his pets though. It has also been running successfully in Kannada for the last 4 seasons. Eega fame Sudeep is the host. Next on cards is a Tamil launch with Kamal Hassan.

Star Maa has massive plans to extend it to Telugu. While there were speculations that one amongst the Big 4 Senior heros would take the mantle, it came as a huge surprise that Jr.NTR would be chosen one for the Telugu version. Known for his spontaneous comments and cheerful attitude, he would be a good fit for the show.

With a right selection of inmates, and by not interfering and manipulating the behaviour of people inside, the show can do wonders. There is scope for major TRPs here and it could be a revival point for the dismal Telugu TV. Telugu people can speak endlessly about their movies, hope a day comes when TV content can also act as a conversation starter.

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