Kittu Unnadu Jagratha – Review

Kittu (Raj Tarun) is a mechanic grad who sets up a garage along with 3 of his besties. He falls in love with Janaki (Anu Emmanuel). Meanwhile AR(Arbaaz Khan) is a mafia don who makes a living out of blackmailing people. Kittu and friends lose a bag which contains 25 lakhs INR. In order to compensate for that they get into one trouble after that. How they overcome it and what new twists occur form a roller coaster ride with a hilarious climax.

How is this movie different?

  • Dog Kidnapping concept as a full fledged theme is hitherto unexplored in Indian cinema

Brief Credits

Starcast – Raj Tharun, Anu Emmanuel, Naga Babu, Arbaaz Khan, Prudhvi, Raghu Babu, Samrat Reddy, Praveen, Fish Venkat etc
Dialogues: Sai Madhav Burra
Music: Anup Rubens 
Producer: Ram Sunkara
Director: Vamsi Krishna 

How did the Actors Perform?

The lead role required an actor of unsophisticated youngster stature and Raj Tharun fits the bill. This is a sort of movie where the supporting actors are as important as the main leads. Anu Emmanuel is average looking. She has some catching up to do while acting beside top heroes.

With the right role, Prudhvi can carry a film on his shoulders. Recently he had to make do with just spoofs and routine comedy, but in this film he got a great role as Rechukka and did an amazing work. Raghu Babu also rocked in the role of Duvvasi baba. Both of them are the lifeline for this film. Arbaaz Khan made a re-entry after close to 10 years. Naga Babu and Samrat are adequate.We see Praveen in lot of films these days. This is probably one of his best roles as a hero’s friend and also as a diehard fan of Duvvasi Baba.

Raja Ravindra who also happens to be the manager of Raj Tharun and Nikhil (Ekkadiki pothaavu chinnavada) is also doing character roles in their movies. A case of networking skills gaining precedence over acting chops.

How did the Technicians fare?

The screenplay of this film is close to movies like Express Raja and Bhale Manchi Roju. For such storylines its important to make sure that there is no lag. And there is no lag except during songs. That obviously means the music is average. They had overcome it by sticking to less number of songs. There are no loose ends as such in terms of direction. All the comedy scenes which they might have written on paper came out good on screen. Editing is crisp and production values are good.

Release Date – 3rd Mar, 2017

Super Telugu Take –

50% of the success of this movie can be attributed to Prudhvi and Raghu Babu. Both got one of the best roles for a comedian actor in recent times. If you liked films like ‘Express Raja’ and ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’, then ‘Kittu Unnadu Jagratha’ is a decent enough film to watch. If you liked this review, make sure you read the other reviews at Super Telugu. We make sure that story is not revealed and thereby your movie viewing experience doesn’t get affected.

Super Telugu Equation – Kittu Unnadu Jaagratha is 60 percent as good as Express Raja.

Super Telugu Rating – 3.5/5

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