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Aravind Krishna (Sri Vishnu) is an introvert who always gets into dilemma while choosing between multiple options. His shyness also makes him uncomfortable while talking to girls. After a lot of effort his father (Sivaji Raja) arranges for pelli chuupulu with Swetcha (Nivetha Pethuraj). What happens next, how the poor decision making skills of Aravind trouble him forms the rest of the story

How is this movie different?

  • Raj Kandukuri gave a good break for short film directors with ‘Pelli Chuupulu’. This is a follow up film from him.
  • Super Telugu supports Sri Vishnu and waits for a big break for him.

Brief Credits

Starcast Sri Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, Amrutha Srinivasan, Sivaji Raja, Anitha Choudhary, Kiriti etc

Music Prashanth Vihari

Editor – Viplav

Cinematography – Vedaraman

Story – Vivek Athreya, Jonathan Gristillo

Producer – Raj Kandukuri

Direction – Vivek Athreya


How did the Actors Perform?

This role is tailor made for Sri Vishnu. If you watch any of his interviews in You Tube it can be easily understood that he is most shy guy in Telugu Industry. His natural body language and expressions makes him likeable and endearing in the first half. His role as with the story is confusing in the second half.

Nivetha Pethuraj impresses in her Telugu debut. She appears in the Sekhar Kammula heroine kind of mould. Sivaji Raja is a revelation, this is easily his best role in the last ten years. He surprisingly appears a bit young as well. Anitha Choudhary fits well as Nivetha’s mother. The fact that they have some striking facial resemblances helps. Three actors who appeared as Office Collegues in ‘Mana Mugguri Love Story’ acted in this film as School teacher, Office Collegue and Hero Friend.

We generally are not overtly critical of any actors, but it should be said that Amrutha Srinivasan is a big miscast for this movie. The role required some ‘Aura’ which is evident in the pen but clearly lacking in the portrayal. If the movie flunks and the makers go to their drawing board, this casting decision might haunt them the most.

At Super Telugu, we strongly believe that the Story of any film should not be revealed. It kills the thrill factor for prospective movie goers. So the top column of Story synopsis is restricted to just 2-3 sentences

Movie Analysis

The movie starts on a good note with innovative titles. Sivaji Raja creates a cool tempo in the beginning which is ably carried forward by Nivetha and Sri Vishnu. The sensible taking, simple one liners give a fresh feel to the film. All scenes and montages involving Sri Vishnu and Nivetha are splendid. With a crucial interval block well done, it was half battle won. But the momentum doesn’t get carried forward into the second half and there are quite a few tedious scenes which will impact the overall appeal of the movie.

Production quality of the film is better than Pelli Chuupulu. Cinematography is good. It has soothing music and is well shot. Taking some care over the second half and good second lead casting could have helped the film.



Release Date – 24th Nov, 2017

Super Telugu Take

Appatlo Okadundevaadu is a great movie which did not get enough notice. Vunnadi Okate Zindagi is a decent flick which could have done better with more entertainment infused. Mental Madhilo might be an another near-miss for Sri Vishnu. We still might have to wait for his much deserved big break.

Super Telugu Rating – 3/5

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