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The film has a multi-threaded narrative. A mercurial but sincere guy (Sundeep Kishan) is in love with an IT professional (Regina Cassandra). She recruits a small town youngster (Sri) who gets attacked by goons in a case of mistaken identity. Another migrant cab driver (Charlie) joins duty in the same company by borrowing money from a dreaded don PKP (Madhusudhan). How their lives are intertwined and paths cross on a single night forms the rest of the story.

How is this movie different?

  • In Mahesh Babu’s Arjun we will atleast know the Hero’s name in the climax; For this film we never know.

Brief Credits

Starcast – Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Sri, Charlie, Ramdoss, Madhusudhan
Music:Javed Riaz

Producer: Ram Sunkara
Director: Logesh Kanagaraj

How did the Actors Perform?

For films with multi narrative or anthologies, each role is important. Sundeep Kishan did very well in the role of a angry youngster. He best suits roles where he is required to be temperamental like in Prasthanam. Regina is apt for her part. A close up scene of her face near the mirror came out very well.

Sri who played the role of a youngster caught in wrong situations was very realistic in his performance. He comes across as the protagonist in the first half, before Sundeep takes over in the second half. Charlie gains sympathy. Ramdoss as a misfit amongst thugs is probably the star of the show in the Tamil version, but some of his comedy is missed out in the Telugu version. Comedy scenes are probably the toughest from dubbing perspective because of the importance of timing. Rest all crew is apt though hitherto unknown to Telugu audience.

The city(Chennai) can also be termed as one of the characters in this film.

How did the Technicians fare?

Multi narrative films are rare in Telugu. Some films of this set like Chandamama Kathalu, Manamatha did not set the Box office on fire despite being well made. This film has more action scenes compared to them so has better scope for reaching out to B and C centers. Screenplay and editing are very vital here while showing different stories. The scene time length while switching tracks is much shorter in this film. The director made sure that the film is gripping thought there are not many high adrenaline scenes. Background music is a plus. They avoided speed breakers by doing away with multiple songs. The one which is present is good.

Release Date – 10rd Mar, 2017

Super Telugu Take –

For getting the complete pleasure out of it, Multi narrative film inherently require a level of intelligence from the audience. So this might limit the audience base of this well made film. The essence of some scenes is lost due to dubbing. That said its still a movie with no boring moments and worth a weekend watch for movie lovers.

Super Telugu Rating – 3.25/5

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