Om Namo Venkatesaya – Review

The story opens on an interesting note where a small kid (Rama) asks his guru to teach ‘that’ education which will show him God, the guru tells him you need not learn anything to see God but I will teach you how to make out that he is God when he appears in front of you. The story later unfolds into many interesting facts like the history of Tirumala, how should the Lord be worshipped as per Aagama Shastram, what practices Rama started on Tirumala, how they are implemented even today, why he got the name “Hathi” Ram and how did he become Baba.

How is this movie different?

  • This movie shows God playing pachikalu with his devotee apart from which the history of Tirumala and reasons for the practices that are followed even today at Tirumala are shown.
  • There is also a speculation that this could be KRR’s last film as a director.

Brief Credits

Starcast – Nagarjuna, Jagapati Babu, Sai Kumar, Anushka Shetty, Pragya Jaiswal, Sourab Jain, Vimala Raman, Rao Ramesh, Ashrita, Brahmanadam, Pruthvi, Sampat Raj, Vennela Kishore, Sudigali Sudheer, Ram Prasad, Getup Seenu

Direction & Screenplay: K. Raghavendra Rao

Produced by A. Mahesh Reddy

Written by J. K. Bharavi (story / dialogues)

Based on Life of Hathiram Bhabaji

Music by M. M. Keeravani

Cinematography S. Gopal Reddy

Edited by Gautham Raju


How did the actors perform?

Nagarjuna suited the role very well, he had proved himself with Annamayya and with every other devotional film like this he is only growing. Sourab Jain’s tall stature and good acting suited him well but it might take time for Telugu audience to accept him due to the strong impression left by NTR and Suman in their earlier films as Lord Venkateshwara. Anushka is seen as Krishnamma, an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateshwara. She still carries that extra flab she added for the film Size Zero however her charm has only enhanced with time – her appearance as Goda devi in her introduction song has suited her so well, she would be the first choice if a film is ever made on Goda Devi. This is a different role for her and she is definitely a value add. 

Jagapati Babu and Pragya Jaiswal did guest roles – nothing much to talk about them as their screen space was limited to songs. Vimala Raman and Ashrita were very convincing as Sridevi – Bhudevi, Sai Kumar’s role was limited and did a good job, the comedy track by Brahmanandam, Pruthvi, Sudigali Sudeer’s team did not work out well. Rao Ramesh was loud and his characterization was weak.


What about other aspects and how did the Technicians fare?

Background music was very good in some places but Keeravani’s mark was missing, S Gopal Reddy has captured visuals beautifully, the songs Veyi Naamala vaada (Raju Sundaram), Akhilanda Koti were very well picturized.  The scenes between God and his devotee could have been more better – these scenes as such were good but when we already knew what KRR- Nag are capable of with Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu, this leaves us a little disappointed. Bharavi has written dialogues well but could have worked more on writing a gripping story, it rather appeared he wrote scenes and connected the story than the other way round. There were 12 songs, a couple of them could have been omitted to maintain the flow.


Release Date: 10th Feb 2017

Super Telugu Take –

If you like devotional movies, watch it, it has reasons behind few customs which are practiced today at Tirumala. If you think you can read about them you can give this a miss.

Annamayya > Sri Ramadasu > Om Namo Venkatesaya > Shiridi Sai

Super Telugu Rating:  2.75/5


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