Prabhas and his Hairstyle

While Prabhas is one of the biggest strengths for the movie ‘Bahubali’, his hair style was not his strength while portraying the role.


The fact that the film was also shot for 5 years lead to inconsistencies in the look. This is evident across both part 1 and part 2.



His hairstyle during the Part 1 promotions and also for the Mahindra SUV ad left a lot to be desired.



It was much better during the promotions of Bahubali-2, but still there was scope for improvement since people perceived it as ‘Saaho’ look.

Much to the delight of fans, below is the look revealed by famous hair stylist ‘Haakim Aalim’. This guy has been behind the transformation of many stars.

Example-Nithin had a changeover with spikes for Sye.


This hairstyle looks good on Prabhas and is also similar to how it was before the shooting for Bahubali began. The Mirchi look is arguably the best in his career.

And since Prabhas is the pride of Telugu, pushing the envelope into Bollywood, we want him to be at his best.

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