Singam 3 Review

The story opens in Mangalore this time. Seized by panic and the sudden murder of the city commissioner(Jaya Prakash), the Karnataka government decides to call in Narasimham (Suriya) on central deputation. He realises that this case is just a tip of the iceberg and lot of powerful men were involved in the coverup. On a parallel track which barely adds weight to the story, he is followed by an investigative journalist by the pen name Agni (Shruti Hasan). How Narasimham exposes and counter attacks the culprits forms the rest of the story.


How is this movie different?

  • Suriya already announced that S3 is going to be the last iteration of the much successful Singam series


Brief Credits

Starcast – Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruthi Hassan, Thakur Anoop Singh, Sharad Saxena, Suri, Sharath Babu, Radhika, Nithin Sathya

Cinematography: Priyan

Fights: Kanal Kannan

Editing: V T Vijayan

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Producer: Malkapuram Sivakumar, Gnanavel Raja

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Hari  



How did the Actors Perform?

Suriya balances his career well. He follows up sensible movies with hardcore commercial ones. That way he gets to prove himself as an actor and at the same time ensures he builds up a mass base. This role is a cakewalk to him. Arguably the best actor of his generation in India, he is the saving grace to this film.

Both Anushka and Shruthi Hasan have inconsequential roles. Whatever threads that are created for them are for the sake of fitting in songs. New guy Thakur Anoop Singh is ok, but not worthy of a main villain role. Suri’s role is very poor. Due to this the comedy track is non-existent. Radhika and Saradh Saxena are ok. Sharath Babu was seen in a film after a long time, but for reasons best known to the makers his dubbing was done by someone else.


What about other aspects and how did the Technicians fare?

Hari tried to follow the same template as his earlier films. For these kind of films to do well the hero vs villian strategies and fight for one-upmanship should be engaging like a rally between Federer and Nadal. But the storyline is more like a round 3 match of Federer against an unseeded player in a Grand slam. The Screenplay and Suriya though ensure that boredom doesn’t creep through.

Fights by Kannal will satisfy the target segment. Editing is crisp. Background music gives the required adrenaline dose to some scenes. Songs are average. Production values are good.




Release Date – 9th Feb, 2017

Super Telugu Take –

People who have affinity towards Suriya will enjoy this movie. If you consider him as any other actor and watch movies purely on merit then this movie can be skipped. Its a paisa vasool for fans alone.

Super Telugu equation for this film = S1>S3>S2.

Super Telugu Rating – 3.25/5

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