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Uppu Sobhana Chalapathi Rao alias Sobhan Babu is one of the pillars of Telugu Cinema. He probably was the first lover boy of Tollywood. Similar to Rajesh Khanna in Bollywood, he has huge female following in Telugu. Contemporary to Super Star Krishna, he was treated like a own son by Krishna’s mother. He did his graduation from Andhra Christian college in Guntur.

On this week playlist edition we will take you through some his pleasant songs. Mobile users, We’d also suggest you view from your PC as well.

Nuvvu Leni Nenu Lenu (Manchi Manushulu, 1974) – Sobhan Babu and Manjula are a hit pair. Picturization around snow clad mountains was a rarity those days. This film is directed and produced by V.B.Rajendra Prasad who is the father of Jagapthi Babu.

Chukkalu Paade Subhamantram (Kalyana Mandapam, 1971) – Sobhan Babu song with one time air hostess Kanchana gaaru as heroine. He doesn’t have any lyrics but gives fantastic expressions with eyes. Versatile director V.Madhusudhan Rao helmed this film. It deals with Devadasi tradition in Zamindari culture.

Kusalama (Balipeetam, 1975) – This is one of the initial films of Dasara Narayana Rao. It deals with Dalit issues and inter caste marriages. Based on a novel by Ranganayakamma gaaru.

Komma Kommako Sannayi(Gorintaku, 1979) –

Sobhan Babu and Sujatha play two doctors who were not able to express their love for each other and get married to different spouses. This was a comeback movie for Sujatha who was married and had two kids. The title song featuring Savithri gaaru is famous too.

Chinni O Chinni(Jeevana Jyothi,1975) – This Sobhan Babu-Vanisree movie has village backdrop. The jatka bandi that was used in this film was purchased by Sobhan Babu and it is still present in his village.

Seethamma Nadichindi Ramudi Venta(Gunavanthudu,1975) – Another song from the hit pair Sobhan Babu – Manjula. This film is directed by Adurti Subba Rao.

Stay tuned to Super Telugu for the next playlist.

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