Some mannerisms only Telugu girls can do

The Telugu Industry is currently devoid of any Telugu heroines. Couple of heroines who are still there, like Eesha Rebba, Swati Reddy are restricted to small films. Yet, no one complains about the huge influx of Northie heroines. Would it be the same if we have to watch Northie bhaiyyas as heroes with the Telugu males restricted to just dubbing?

Another reason why no one minds about Other language heroines is – they perceive that it makes no difference. However that’s not the case. Someone who is born and brought up here, or in places which have Telugu nativity would always bring in something extra to the table. These could be things based on their experience – The college lingo, the way we interact with relatives etc. Say, Salman is a star but would he bring in the same nativity if he does ‘Attarintiki Daaredi’ climax scene with a dubbing artiste? Now consider the same analogy for heroine roles and you will know what Telugu Industry is missing.

And this thought came up after seeing how Mounima CH alias Mounima Bhatla stole the show in web series ‘Mana Mugguri Love Story’. She was like a breath of fresh air and was able to get due recognition despite the presence of impressive star cast like Navdeep, Adith Arun and Tejaswi Madiwada. Her lingo, accent, and mannerisms are like a typical college going telugu girl. And everything comes out naturally sans the dubbing artiste. This is very different from the Rakul Preets and Mehreen Pirzadas on screen who comes across as Alien. The vulgarity portion in Telugu films has also come down with no more gyrating movements in songs etc. So, there is no reason why Telugu girls should restrain from acting. Mounima serves as a good template.

She is also one half of the ‘Bahubali Sisters’. She and her sister Damini Chandrabhatla have sung ‘Sivuni Aana’ and ‘Pachabottesina’ songs in Bahubali-1. Wishing them best of luck for their careers.

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