Tarun and Uday should have done TV/Web

Amitabh Bachchan started the trend of film actors acting in TV. We have the likes of Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna hosting ‘Meelo evaru Koteeswarudu’ recently. Generally it has been the older actors who ventured into this space. Younger heroes who are yet to establish themselves fully or having dwindling opportunities hardly take up TV. They choose to stay away from grease paint/wait for the right opportunity/work in smaller budget films instead of plunging into TV/Web.

Below are the timelines of films acted by Tarun and Uday Kiran respectively.

Both of them took the industry by storm. There was even a time in early 2000’s when their films overshadowed the likes of Mahesh, Prabhas and Jr.NTR. But for reasons immaterial, their careers nosedived. And then they choose to play the waiting game, rather than trying out TV. Ultimately it was their opinion, but ask any fan, we would prefer to see our favourites irrespective of the medium. After 2010, Short films and Web Series would also have been a pioneering option.

To put up a cricket anology – “If a Cricketer who played for India is dropped from the team, he should go and play in Ranji Trophy rather than sit at home”.

More than the finance part, its important to stay in the mind space of audience.

Sumanth Ashwin though hardly comparable with Tarun and Uday is the son of producer M.S.Raja. Despite acting in half a dozen film he is yet to create a market base for himself. And in between his movies, he acted in a Web Series called ‘Endukila’ for Yupp TV.


I hardly saw any of his films, but watching this extremely funny and highly recommended series created an interest in his film ‘Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor’. It also made me wonder/ponder how things would have been if my Telugu favourite heroes Tarun and Uday did Tv/Web. Alas!!!


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