The Curious case of Dhanush

Issue enti baabai?

Actor Dhanush is caught in a rare controversy. A Madhurai couple Kadiresan and Meenakshi filed a case saying that Dhanush is their youngest child who ran away from home. Requesting the court for DNA and Birth mark tests they are seeking a monthly maintainance of 65,000.

Evaru aa couple?

Kadireswan is a retired bus conductor. Incidentally Dhanush’s father in law Rajni Kanth was also in the same profession before joining into films. The couple are alleging that Dhanush’s real name is Kalai Selvan and are also providing his birth certificate and tenth class tc. They say that after joining him at a private college for Intermediate, he has run away to join films and has stopped contacting them. After seeing him on screen they realised he is their son is what they allege.

Next enti?

Dhanush submitted his birth certificate which was issued on 21/06/1993 stating that he was born on 8/7/1983. But it doesn’t contain his name. There are no identification marks in the Tenth TC that Dhanush’s lawyers have submitted. Whereas the one submitted by Kadireswan couple had birth identification marks. For this reason Dhanush had to attend court and then for checkup of moles at Melur Rajaji Goverment hospital. The couple are requesting for DNA test also which might be discussed upon during the next hearing on March 9th.

Pics so far –

By Kaleswaran couple

By Dhanush


By Tamil Director and Actor Visu in support of Dhanush. Visu is well known to Telugu audience with his movies like ‘Illu, Illalu, Pillalu’


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