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Mysore bonda lo Mysore lenattu mana Hyderabad Sunrisers team lo generally Hyderabadis undaru. But this team if we win the toss and choose to bowl first then we have a Hyderabadi who might run up and bowl the first over.

Hyderabad Fast bowler Mohammed Siraj is picked in a INR deal of 2.6cr by Sunrisers in the IPL auction. Siraj made his Ranji debut only this year but his bowling didn’t go unnoticed. He is the son of an autorickshaw driver from Khaja Nagar, Banjara hills. He spoke about how he was waiting for his Ranji trophy remuneration so that he could ask his father to quit driving Auto. He said his elder brother died in a drowning incident last decade and the shadow of sadness is present in his household, and hoped that his success would make his parents happy.

IPL might be criticized for all its gloss, but it is really a lifeline for unsung domestic cricketers. If they ensure that they don’t get carried away with all the glitz, hard work will pay off. Lets see if Siraj can break into the Indian team.

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