The tale of 4 sons

This Friday saw the release of 3 mainstream movies. Normally this kind of clash is seen only during the jam-packed Sankranti week. Even during Sankranti, they tend to release on Bhogi, Kanuma and Parna to avoid same day clashes.

The big coincidence is that all these films have lead actors who became heroes majorly due to parental support. It’s also odd that these 3 sons of producers couldn’t negotiate for alternate dates. There was talk of a lottery system to decide who should back out, which alas did not happen.

Here is the prime reason for the 3 way clash. With his new found status as a national star, Rana wanted to simultaneously release ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ on a large scale in Tamil around the 3rd week of August. Heroine Kajal also has a decent market in Kollywood.  But due to a sudden change in the release date of Ajith’s movie ‘Vivegam’, the makers of NRNM had to prepone their release. Vivegam is releasing on 24th and generally Ajith’s movies streamroll other small movies during the first week.

So Rana slotted his release on 11th, thereby clashing dates with the other 2 films eying to cash in on the Independence day long weekend. It affected the openings of all 3 movies in a huge way.

But the irony is – NRNM could not release in Tamil. The reason for that is the lack of availability of theaters due to the release of the VIP 2 movie. Guess who the hero is – It’s Dhanush who is an another Producers son. And what he got in return – VIP 2 didn’t release in Telugu despite the success of its first part by the name Raghuvaran B Tech. So it’s a lose-lose situation for these 4 sons of producers.

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