The Exceptional Rabbits

‘Oka month aagi system lo chuuskundaam le ra’ ani anukune vaallani theater ki rappiche elements untene movie is successful these days.

Chiranjeevi made a bumper comeback with Khaidi 150 and has set the cash register bells ringing. It has now crossed the 100cr mark.

Balakrishna’s Magnum opus ‘Gautami Putra Satakarni’ also had a dream run at the Box Office.

Bahubali had already set a precedent with collections unimagined in Telugu industry. And part 2 of Bahubali is set to raise the bar even higher. The numbers these films are notching up are astonishing. They are reaching revenues higher than some hit Bollywood movies which have an audience base of at least 10 times larger.


Just going by top quadrant we could feel that this is the best era of Telugu cinema. Yet we see small films dying, Careers of actors like Allari Naresh are on the wane. Leave about collections, making it to the theater itself seems to be a Herculean task. The slots for big films are fixed in advance and small time film makers get their product ready and wait around to see if they can fit their films into the release schedule somewhere. Its a bit like Elephants have taken over the jungle and the rabbits needs to find space without getting trampled upon.

All this makes us wonder about the movie watching habits of the audience also. The effect of piracy and waiting for films to be telecast on TV channels seems to effect small films alone. ‘Oka month aagi system/tv lo chuuskundaam le ra’ ani anukune vaallani theater ki rappiche elements untene movie is successful these days. In most of the cases the film needs gloss and scale to have a go at break-even.

The only way small film makers can sustain is by being unique and offering something that entices the audience to flock the theaters. Leave the routine story telling to the big movies and concentrating on some new engaging content could be the new success formula for young film makers. And that’s why we get exceptional exceptions like Kshanam.

As audience its our responsibility too, to keep the Rabbit race alive, the Jungle needs all the animals.


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