Throwback pic of Samantha

Here is the old picture of Samantha taken during the launch of her first film.

The film had Rahul Ravichandran of ‘Andaala Rakshasi’ fame playing the hero role. You can also spot Music director Taman sporting a black t-shirt. While we have heroines like Tamanna, Ileana etc making their debuts as teenagers, Samantha’s first release was ‘Yem Maaya Chesaave’ after she turned 23. To put things into perspective, Samantha and Genelia were born in the same year – 1985, and boys released some 7 years ahead. So, this pic is for Sam fans who want to see how she looked like prior to her first release. The film ‘Moscowin Kavery’ though languished in development hell for long, and finally when it got released after 4 years in 2010 it did not do well critically and commercially. Maybe good for us because Samantha, Rahul and Taman migrated to Telugu industry.

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