North South Divide

Utharaadhi vaari maatalaku ardhaale verule


Power cut ainappudu manam “current poindhi” antaamu.

But vaallemo “light cheli gayi” antaaru, adedho tube light is the only thing that runs on electricity laaga.

Maybe puurva kalam lo illallo oka bulb maatrame undedhi kada (‘Manam’ movie flashback), so ila “light cheli gayi” ane phrase vaadukaloki vochinattu undi.


Mana drushti lo tiffin ante idli, dosa, vada etc.

But vallakemo tiffin ante tiffin dabba. Andulo lunch unna, dinner unna, asalu kaali ga unna they call it tiffin only.


Notebook ni pattukoni dairy antaaru.



Bahusa ilaanti signboards valla anukunta, medical shop ni ‘Medical’ ani maatrame pilusthaaru.

Thats why – “Utharaadhi vaari maatalaku ardhaale verule”

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