We know why Kattappa killed Bahubali

The answer to ‘Why Katappa killed Bahubali’ is the most in demand these days. There have been many theories around it, but the makers did a good job in keeping it a guarded secret. Here’s a guess from Super Telugu about the real reason behind Kattappa backstabbing Bahubali.

There is clear indication that Sivagami crowns Bahubali as the King. She promised so at the end of Bahubali-The Beginning. In the trailer for Bahubali-The Conclusion we have Bahubali taking the oath by making a promise to his subjects. We also have Sivagami indicating that there would be an ‘Antharyuddham'(Internal war).



So the event of Kattappa killing Bahubali would have to happen in that Internal war. Based on the above visual its clear that Katappa is not viewing the face of the person he is stabbing. So it appears that the killing occurs due to a case of mistaken identity. Kattappa is shown as a man of integrity, so he might not have resorted to backstabbing by wanted means. Being a loyalist, his target could have been either Bhallaladeva or any of his followers (New characters played by the likes of Subba Raju are part of Bahubali-The Conclusion).


Other plausible reason could be, there is a fallout between Sivagami and Bahubali. Rajamouli talked about a love-hate relationship between Sivagami and Devasena. This could have got escalated during the internal war and Sivagami could have ordered for the killing. The above visual in the trailer indicates two female protagonists. It could well be Sivagami begging for forgiveness from Devasena.

The above two scenarios are just speculations from us. Being the Maverick director that he is, Rajamouli would have come up with even better narration. Only April 28th would answer this question.

Meanwhile, Bahubali and Kattappa had time to have a chat post the stabbing. Atleast Bahubali would have been conveyed about why he was killed by Kattappa.


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