Wear Tilak on Forehead – Uchitha Salaha

The murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla had sent shock waves across the Indian Community.  There is quite a lot of dismay about how the things are turning out in US. There was also news that, the killer thought the victims were of Middle Eastern origin and not Indian origin and this lead to some assumptions.

Hindu Samhati president Tapan Ghosh sparked off a new row by advocating that women should wear bindi and Hindu men should sport tilak on their forehead to avoid incidents like the Kansas shooting. “I am not much interested about tika and all, but today due to radical Muslims, the atmosphere is volatile. To save oneself from this, one must wear tika and bindi. Although terrorism does not belong to any particular region, I want Hindus to be safe and secure.” Mr Ghosh said.

A set of people are saying its a suggestion worth pondering and a way to give respect to our roots. The saner voices though think that why should we change our lifestyle just because some maniacs are not level-headed. Meanwhile the incident is still not categorized as a Hate-Crime and there is no confirmation officially that it is racially motivated.

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