Who is the Mystery man?

There was a cryptic message along with a movie poster that Akkineni Akhil tweeted today. Apart from above picture, he wrote

#veedevadu?? Take a guess who ?? Hint: He’s my team mate….. wishing my buddy all the very best! Rock on Releasing this summer – April 2017

If we go by the hint, it could be his cricket team mate or someone with whom he shares a close personal friendship. Evaraintaaru chepma?

Nithin : Good friends with Akhil. But with Aa…Aaa, Nithin’s range has increased. There is no way that they could keep his movie launch a secret. So, the chances of this film belonging to Nithin or any mainstream hero are almost nil.

Tarun : Meets the team mate criteria because he is involved with Celebrity Cricket league since inception. He had a movie titled ‘Idhi naa love story” which was under production for long. We at Super Telugu, initially thought that it was re-branded and hyped up this way. But ‘Idhi naa love story’ is a remake of Kannada movie, the story of which is a romantic comedy. That rules out Tarun also unless he had any other film up his sleeve which we are not aware of.

Sudheer Babu : After debuting in Bollywood with Baaghi, there is nothing concrete from Sudheer Babu. A biopic on Gopichand was announced but no progress made so far. Has he gone ahead and wrapped up some other movie in the meantime is anyone’s guess.

Sachin Joshi :  His short frame body is similar to the guy in poster. There even was an announcement about a thriller movie of Sachin in the direction of Tatineni Satya. Former Miss India and Bollywood starlet Esha Gupta is starring as a heroine beside him. It is said to be a racy thriller about a Kabaddi player who gets accused of his girlfriends murder.The film exactly fits the bill of the cryptic poster that Akhil posted. This makes Sachin Joshi a good bet. Only hitch is that while announcing they said that the movie shooting is set to begin from May’17, whereas Akhil quoted April itself as release date.

So, we have to wait and see who exactly is the mystery man on February 14th. If its Sachin Joshi, then people might be disappointed for the unnecessary hype.


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